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New Zealand - Flight Information

Flight schedule Sydney to New Zealand: Flights depart every Monday and Tuesday evening.

Flight schedule Melbourne to New Zealand: Flights depart every Saturday morning and Sunday evening.

There is no quarantine required for horse(s) that are exported from Australia to New Zealand.

Prior to departures all horse(s) require tests for:

  • Equine Infectious Anaemia (EIA) within 21 days of export
  • Entire horses that are aged 12 months and over also require to be tested for
  • Equine Viral Arteritis (EVA) within 21 days of export

The horse(s) have been treated with an approved long-acting broad spectrum parasiticide effective against ticks and a broad spectrum anthelminthic within 48 hours of export.

Pregnant Mares are not allowed to travel after 300 days into the pregnancy.

New Zealand Bloodstock Airfreight flies to Auckland every week, please contact us for a flight date or enquire about a booking now.

Contact: Phil Rees or Greg Northcott

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