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Karaka Lakes Landscape & Garden Supplies

Quality Products

Your local suppliers of quality, 100% organic compost and garden mulch, all made onsite from recycled horse manure, fine wood chip stable waste, leaves, grass, and clean, screened top soil. Naturally processed over a long period of time, all products are weed free and full of natural nourishment and microorganisms to give your gardens the best natural nutrients.

Fine Chip Mulch
Natural Fine Chip Mulch

This is a natural wood chip, light in colour that will blend in with any surroundings, mixed with decomposed horse manure adding natural nutrients whilst performing moisture retention refraining your gardens from excessive drying during the hot summer months.

Please note that whilst garden mulch has a high water retention ability, regular watering is necessary for your plants to thrive and prolong the life and look of your mulching products. Available in half or 1m cubed, or in easy decompostable 20L or 30L bags.

Organic Compost
Premium Organic Compost 

This is a natural product comprising of a mix of fine wood chip, fully decomposed horse manure, leaf and grass clippings and quality soil cooked in its natural heat over a period of time. A must for any new or existing garden bed before planting and should be mixed in thoroughly with a layer of the garden beds existing soil.

Available in 1m cubed, 20L or 30L bags.

Clean & Screened Top Soil

Nothing fancy here, just good clean, screened Karaka soil.

Can be delivered in half or 1 metre cubed amounts. 

Animal Bedding
Animal Bedding 

Made from 5-7mm x 3-5mm fine natural wood chip. Long lasting and easy to clean, this bedding and holding pen fill is used by top breeders and trainers in the horse racing industry and by the largest thoroughbred and standardbred horse auction centre in the country. It is also used by many farmers in their races and holding pens.

Available in 1m cubed, 20L or 30L bags. 

Pick Up or Delivery

Pick up is available on site by appointment or use our weekend delivery service to the local Karaka and wider Auckland area. 


Email the team at or call 021 504 527.