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Sales & Results

Festival Sale

7 February 2001

Catalogued Lots: 161
Withdrawals (w): 40
Passed In Lots

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Lot Colour / Sex Sire Dam Vendor Purchaser Location Price
798 Bay Filly Masterclass Satonda Hawthorn Lodge TRIPLE LODGE HAMILTON $4,500
799 Black Colt Oregon Saving Grace Mr. C. J. Nicoll Psd $1,000 Res $12,000
800 Bay Colt College Chapel Sea Reign Mrs. H. Sadler MR CL SHORTUS TIMARU $1,500
801 Bay Filly Prince Ferdinand Secrest Roseburn Lodge MR JONATHAN WADE AUCKLAND $1,100
802 Brown Filly Masterclass Sensuality Little Avondale Stud Psd $4,500 Res $10,000
803 Bay Colt Flying Pegasus Shocking Canterbury Plains Stud MR DEAN LIMMER WAIKATO $4,000
804 Grey Colt Lowell Silvadella Unicorn Lodge KS BROWNE ENTERPRISES LTD HAMILTON $5,000
805 Bay Colt Haayil Sitar Hallmark Stud MR DEAN HOWARD HAWKES BAY $10,500
806 Brown Colt Overnite Express Snitcha Hallmark Stud MR DEAN LIMMER WAIKATO $5,000
807 Bay Filly The Commander Sorchana Valentine Stables Psd $5,000 Res $15,000
808 Chestnut Filly Ball Park Spandangle The Park Stud M/S AW & TW WRIGHT WAIKATO $1,250
809 Chestnut Filly Ball Park Special Offer The Park Stud M/S AW & TW WRIGHT WAIKATO $1,000
810 Chestnut Colt Lowell Starbinger A. J. Farms MRS DAVINA WADDELL AUCKLAND $9,000
811 Bay Colt Lowell Star of Waverley Yorker Lodge Psd $9,000 Res $10,000
812 Brown Filly Danelove Star Rising Valentine Lodge MR JONATHAN WADE AUCKLAND $1,000
813 Bay Colt Wallenda Stellar Esker Lodge KS BROWNE ENTERPRISES LTD HAMILTON $3,500
814 (w) Chestnut Colt Prince Ferdinand Stirling Silver Mrs. J. L. Kirby Withdrawn
815 Bay Filly Ball Park Straight Dash Franghetti Farm Psd $7,000 Res $7,500
816 Bay Filly I Conquer Summer Dream Tainui Farm PROPRIUS HOLDINGS AUCKLAND $8,000
817 Chestnut Colt Woodbury Lad Summer Time Blue Tamika Lodge WALKERS STABLES AUCKLAND $10,000
818 (w) Brown Filly Prince of Praise Sun Singer Paramount Lodge Ltd. Withdrawn
819 Chestnut Filly Stark South Super Boots Augustus Park Psd $2,000 Res $2,500
820 Bay Filly Justice Prevails Superior Flash Hunter Lodge Thoroughbreds FORBES FARM NEW PLYMOUTH $2,600
821 Bay Colt Flying Pegasus Surprise Call Canterbury Plains Stud KS BROWNE ENTERPRISES LTD HAMILTON $5,500
822 Bay Colt Al Akbar Survivor Mr. D. J. Tennant MYSTERY PEAKE SYND HAMILTON $7,000
823 (w) Bay Filly Mughtanim Sweet Tempored L. Novak Withdrawn
824 Chestnut Colt Jetball Syndette Grangewilliam Stud MRS ANNABELLE JOHNSON AUCKLAND $15,000
825 (w) Bay Colt Super Imposing Take Care Sovereign Lodge Stud Withdrawn
826 Brown Gelding Frenchpark Taupaki Girl Mr. G. P. Boland MR GARY JENKINS AUCKLAND $5,000
827 Chestnut Filly Ball Park Thrill Seeker Mangawara Lodge Psd $1,800 Res $3,000
828 (w) Bay Filly Green Perfume Tights Off Windarra Lodge Withdrawn
829 Chestnut Colt Classic Fame Trendy and True Clevedon Breeding Farm Psd $13,500 Res $15,000
830 Bay Filly Sandtrap Trissanna Birchwood MR MIKE CARR TARANAKI $11,000
831 Bay Colt Mughtanim True Invader A. J. Farms MS JOANNA HUTCHISON WAIKATO $5,500
832 (w) Bay Colt Vyner's Orb True to Pompeii Valley Park Stud Withdrawn
833 Bay Filly Cicerao Tui Vaals Caerleon Stud Psd $1,200 Res $2,500
834 (w) Chestnut Filly Desert Sun Umbali Roseburn Lodge Withdrawn
835 Brown Colt Turbulent Dancer Under the Arches Newmarket Lodge Stud MR GARY VILE MANAWATU $10,000
836 Bay Colt British Banker Velo d'Oro L. Novak MR DEAN LIMMER WAIKATO $5,000
837 Bay Colt Frenchpark Victorian Lady Mr. R. Khan MISS NATASHA GARTNER WAIKATO $3,200
838 Brown Filly Kashani Virginia Walk Delph Common Psd $4,500 Res $5,000
839 (w) Chestnut Colt Sir Wonder What a Princess Fieldhouse Park Withdrawn
840 Bay Colt Strike Diamonds Wild Goose Messrs. W. T. & G. E. Carter MR DEAN LIMMER WAIKATO $2,000
841 Chestnut Colt Turbulent Dancer Win Ginty Newmarket Lodge Stud MISS TERRI RAE CHRISTCHURCH $14,000
842 Bay Colt Hunza Court Wonder Genie Valentine Stables MISS JOCELYN BURLEY WAIKATO $20,000
843 (w) Bay Filly Mughtanim Zanzibar Lady Mr. G. Shaw Withdrawn
844 Bay Colt Justice Prevails After Dark Taonga Farm Partnership MR P STEVENS WAIKATO $4,000
845 Grey Colt Exploding Prospect Albucina J. Jeffrey MR RAMON GUERRERO AUCKLAND $500
846 Chestnut Filly Ball Park Almacenista Mangawara Lodge Psd $1,750 Res $3,000
847 Chestnut Filly Spectacularphantom Amber Ore A. J. Maguire LINCOLNVALE STABLES HAMILTON $4,600
848 Bay/Brown Colt Stark South Antonella Poplar Lodge NEW ZEALAND BLOODSTOCK LTD SINGAPORE $25,000
849 Bay Filly Sculptured Arch Aprikot Sunita Lodge MR RODNEY STARR AUCKLAND $3,700
850 Bay Filly Prince Ferdinand April in Paris Ainsley Downs Stud Psd $1,750 Res $3,000
851 Bay Colt Cicerao Arctic Lights Caerleon Stud KS BROWNE ENTERPRISES LTD HAMILTON $5,500
852 (w) Bay Filly Tanker Port Awe Tuxedo Lodge Withdrawn
853 Bay Filly Frenchpark Balmoral Mist Ballinrobe Stables Psd $2,250 Res $3,000
854 Bay Colt Cicerao Bathurst Riot Grasslands Stud PD ENTERPRISE CAMBRIDGE $13,000
855 Bay/Brown Filly Four Seasons Belaventure Birchwood MR ROBIN GREGORY WAIKATO $4,500
856 Chestnut Colt Mellifont Belcia Hallmark Stud MR DEAN HOWARD HAWKES BAY $1,500
857 Chestnut Colt Val d'Arno Beyond the Realm Ballinrobe Stables KS BROWNE ENTERPRISES LTD HAMILTON $5,000
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