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Don't let our name fool you!

We fly horses all over the world, and frequently from our Sydney and Melbourne locations.

Our service, safety, reliability and care is no joke and we look forward to continuing to service your equine airfreight needs, out of Australia, New Zealand or further afield.

We're the chosen flyers of Aussie stars Imperatriz, Atishu, Golden Sixty, I Wish I Win, Pride of Jenni, Pennyweka, Major Beel, Mr Brightside, Manzoice and more. 

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Leading Equine Airfreighters - Going the Extra Mile ✈️

With breeding, racing and equestrian sports crossing ever-increasing international boundaries plus lucrative competitions on offer, equine airfreight is now a frequent and necessary part of all disciplines and the racing industry. 

NZB Airfreight's experience in airfreighting horses around the world spans over 55 successful years. During that time we have gained a wealth of expertise and have an unrivalled understanding of the need for safety, reliability, frequent and regular flights, quarantine knowledge, superior horsehandling and personal service. 

We are the trusted airfreighter for horses of all shapes and sizes, providing a first class service with regular flights for your horses that reach all corners of the globe. We fly with care and safety at heart, keeping your precious cargo safe with our professional team of grooms and vets, as well as ensuring all paperwork and export requirements completed on your behalf. Airfreight taken care of.

Fly with care and safety at heart 

The safety and wellbeing of your horse are paramount at NZB Airfreight, with the unrivalled care and expertise given by our professional grooms and vets on board is second to none. 

We'll keep your precious cargo safe

Our adept team have extensive levels of experience when it comes to handling horses of all shapes and sizes, carefully airfreighting every type of horse to all equine jurisdictions around the globe, giving you peace of mind your horse comes first.

Benefit from our experience

For over 55 years NZB Airfreight has provided exceptional service to some of the world's leading riders, breeders, trainers, and owners - ensuring every litte detail is taken care of to the very highest of standards. Our customer service is superior, supporting you and your horses with efficient communication and assistance when needed. 

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NZB Airfreight

NZB Airfreight   NZB Airfreight





We are proud sponsors of the equine industry, supporting showing, eventing and racing events throughout New Zealand and Australia. We are passionate about you and your horses success, and supporting horses in all disciplines. Welfare is at the heart of what we do, which is why we also align closely with racehorses off the track, supporting them in their show of versatility, athleticism and second careers. To check out a list of recent NZB Airfreight-sponsored winners, view the results here.