Repository Access

The New Zealand Bloodstock Repository and Online Remote Viewing runs on the Asteris Keystone system.  Use of this system is restricted to registered veterinarians for the purpose of examining X-Ray studies for a potential buyer.

New Users

All new users must register with New Zealand Bloodstock for online access.  Only registered Vets will be accepted.  Details will be provided upon registration for repository access. the Please complete the registration form and return to [email protected]

Online Remote Viewing

Once registration has been completed and accepted veterinarians can gain access to Online Remote Viewing by clicking the following link:

 Remote Access Link

Online remote viewing is accessible with most modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, safari, Edge).


HINT: When viewing DICOM online you can request more than one study at a time. By searching again you can download your next study or studies.  This can be useful if you have a slow connection or if you have 10 studies to view. You can start the download of all 10 and come back to your computer later.  If the window closes open that Lot again. It will not re-download unless that study has been resubmitted and changed.